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Small Red Spots (Campbell de Morgan)


These appear randomly anywhere on the body but are most common on the chest or areas which have been exposed to sun. The correct name for them is Campbell de Morgan, but also known as cherry angiomas or blood spots. They vary in size from very tiny to up to 3 mm in diameter. They are generally found in very pale skin and in people 30+. They are usually harmless and anyone who has a few will generally get more as they age. The only reason to remove is totally for cosmetic reasons, which is why highly unlikely your GP will refer you. (We always advise clients to seek the opinion of their GP If they are concerned about unusual blemishes on their skin.) If they are annoying you and you want them gone, we can remove them easily from £25 or if you have a lot  £45 for 30 minutes treatment using advanced electrolysis.

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