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Nano-plasma by Fusion GT


This is the newest and most advanced plasma device in aesthetics to date created by Professor Fippi who created PLEXR 5 years ago. It is only available to medical professionals.


What is plasma?


Plasma is defined as the 4th state of matter, the others being solid, liquid and gas. 99% of the earth's atmosphere is made up of plasma. It has common uses in our daily lives, such as neon signs, plasma TVs and much more. Plasma is created when a heat source is used to excite a gas causing electrons to free themselves from their atoms. The Nano Plasma has been created to create 2 types of plasma, cathodic and anodic. Cathodic plasma has an antibiotic effect, causes temporary vasoconstriction which stops oedema during the procedure and reduces redness after treatment. Today in aesthetic medicine we have taken advantage of this ionisation process to treat a whole host of aesthetic conditions in a safe and risk free way by sublimating the skin (turning skin to gas) thereby shrinking it.


What areas can be treated with plasma?


• Non surgical blepharoplasty (reduction of lax skin above and below the eyes)

• Acne scarring

• Mini face lift

• Wrinkles and expression lines eg “smoker’s lines”, frown lines and crow's feet


Non-surgical blepharoplasty


Many people are affected by excessive or loose skin on their eyelids and around their eye area which can give an ‘aged' or 'tired' look and can even affect their vision. Many people avoid having a surgical blepharoplasty due to the fear and risk of possible complications, anaesthetic and cost. This procedure is defined as  “non-surgical” because it is performed without cutting and stitching and avoids damaging muscles and underlying structures.


Is plasma safe?


All treatments carry a degree of risk however no significant adverse effects have been reported with nano plasma.


Does nano plasma hurt?


Local anaesthetic cream is applied to the area for 30minuted prior to the treatment. You may still feel some burning or stinging sensations. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes.


Am I suitable for plasma treatment?


Contraindications are:


• Pregnancy

• Cancer

• Infection at treatment site

• Diseases that affect the healing process eg uncontrolled diabetes

• Active autoimmune disease


What results can I expect from plasma treatment?


Nano plasma gives results which you would normally expect following surgery (1-3 sessions 6 weeks apart). Final results depend on how much skin laxity there is and your desired result. Reduction in skin folds and creases is immediate. Plasma results are permanent, however as we continue to age so does our skin


What to expect after plasma treatment


Tiny dark brown spots appear where individual shots have been ‘fired' or a larger brown area may be seen where an area has been ‘sprayed’ with nano plasma. Swelling is common and can be quite pronounced around the eyes, often worse the morning after treatment and can last several days. The area will be red/pink and tender as the skin is healing and the spots scab and crust. It is very important that all scabs are allowed to fall off naturally because if picked off scarring and infection can occur. After plasma treatment the area is to be kept completely dry for 6 hours then a recovery serum to be applied 2-3 times a day until all the scabs have fallen off. SPF 50 is to be used twice a day from the day after treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation. Once all the crusts have fallen off (after 4-9 days) you can use a mild cleanser and moisturizer and sudocrem at night to help keep the healing skin protected and continue to use SPF50 twice a day until the skin has completely healed. The skin can remain pink for 4-6 weeks.







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