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The words CHEMICAL PEELS are often associated with looking like Samantha in Sex in the City!! AlumierMD chemical peels are NOT like this. I think a better a better name might be medical exfoliation. AlumierMD chemical peels are progressive, not aggressive so your skin won’t ‘fall off’. The MOST you will get is a slight pinkness and light flaking. That’s not to say they aren’t effective, they really are, but without the down time.


Chemical peels loosen the bonds between healthy and dead skin cells so they can be shed, by lowering the skin’s pH to become more acidic.


Chemical peels can:


· Significantly improve skin’s tone, texture and radiance.


· Reduce fine lines and wrinkles


· Improve acne-prone skin


· Thicken the epidermis, increase dermal volume and promote production of new collagen


· Improve the penetration and effectiveness of important ingredients during the facial and home skincare.


· Enhance new healthy skin cell production. This is important to boost the skin’s resilience and ability to heal. As we age the approximate rate of cell turnover is 28 days in young skin and 50-60 days in ageing skin.






Cold sores or infected skin lesion present


Undiagnosed skin lesions on skin


Allergies to ingredients eg aspirin, can’t have salicylic acid






Skin condition ie acne, sensitive/redness prone, ageing skin and pigmentation


For those who shave need to wait >24 hours to avoid irritation


History of cold sores. Treatment can trigger one in the days following


Retinoids and AHAs and BHAs are stopped 5-7 days prior to and only reintroduced 1 week post procedure


Social commitments


Pre conditioning higher Fitzpatrick skin types with home care products


AlumierMD chemical peels are multi layered. They involve:


Cleanse to lift off impurities


Prepare with balancing solution to degrease the skin


Enhance eg enzyme treatment or specialised mask can be added prior to chemical peel


Chemical peel the choice is based on your skin type, condition and tolerance.


Boost with vit A booster ideal for mature or sun-damaged skin can be an add on


Infuse with anti-ageing and brightening peptides and antioxidants


Recover application of hydrating, soothing restorative balm.


Protect with sheer, moisturising, broad spectrum SPF40 facial sunscreen.


Post procedure kit. 5-7 days home care kit contains cleanser, recovery balm and SPF40


Beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight. A single chemical peel can provide immediate effect of bright and radiant skin (perfect for a special occasion). However, more significant results take time and multiple treatments.



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